The associations Qosqo Maki and Pasa la Voz from Cusco, in collaboration with the French foundation Apprentis d’Auteuil, will take part of the 28th session of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR), that the UN state members submit every five years to the Human Rights Council. It is within this framework […]

Universal Periodic Review: an opportunity to claim our rights.

Chams, Danil, Mélissa, Inés, Marwan, Loâne, Sefa, Youssef, Mohamed and their educators Alexis and Anaïs, coming from Vienne, France, decided to undertake the project “Player Street” in order to organize and finance their desire to travel to Peru. Present for a week in Qosqo Maki in April 2017, they talk […]

« Player Street », a model of co-management between educators ...

We tend to superficially see important events: how successful the show was, the public’s satisfaction level, everything is joy and happiness. Beyond these emotions recognizable at first glance, the inauguration event of Qosqo Maki new cultural hall showed us how significant the dormitory users’ work and participation has been beyond […]

Lessons beyond an event

The kids of the library weren’t the only ones who resumed.     The youngsters who are currently taking part of the training shops offered by Qosqo Maki also took the decision to pursue their studies. Very good news, right?   The users showed interest in going back to school, […]

The users of the dormitory are back to school!

In July 2014, I met three members of Qosqo Maki–Ricardo, Alex, and Waldir–during the CATS conference ( in Caux, Switzerland. They were presenters in a morning plenary session, it was then that I first learned about AQM. Their presentation was super impressive, and I was excited that a delegation from […]

Immersion in Qosqo Maki’s philosophy: Bijan shares his experience

Neither torrential rain, nor hail, or carnival prevented the youth from enjoying their extraordinary holiday!   From Monday to Sunday, we waited until 3PM to open the doors of the library and welcome the kids who arrived running in Qosqo Maki to play, take part of the circus and theatre […]

Back to school!

After many meetings, our social trip between two important organizations, Qosqo Maki and Cité d’Or, finally happened! We wanted to give young people of Qosqo Maki a different day: without noise, without bustle, without work, so that they can enjoy our breathtaking landscapes, feeling human warmth and immerse themselves in […]

Back from the mountains of the Sacred Valley of the ...

[Each month, a user of Qosqo Maki interviews persons of his choice in order to have their vision of the institution] This month, Grace, 10, asks Héctor, David, Luigi, Julio, André and Luis about a place they all often go: the library of Qosqo Maki. Luigi, André, David, Julio and […]

Interview of February by Grace: What do you like in ...