Qosqo Maki Dorm

What is it?

The dorm is an overnight accommodation program open to children and youth who, for diverse reasons, have nowhere to spend the night.

What is the objective of this program?

The objective is to offer a possibility for dignified accommodation in order to facilitate personal and social development of children and youth.

What kind of services are provided?

  • Beds, showers and breakfast;
  • Assistance with administrative issues connected to health, school and apprenticeship.

How does the dorm work?

System of co-management and participation in decision-making:

  • Weekly meetings;
  • Shared responsibilities;
  • Collective cash register.

Number of Children and Youth arriving throughout the year: 98

Age of the Children and Youth who benefited from the Dorm in 2015:

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The overnight accommodation program is directed at children and youth of up to 18 years of age. This free-of-charge social service was founded in 1991, is open to everyone and is aimed at the existing need of these children to spend a night in dignified and safe conditions.

The majority of these children and youth are rebelling against the conditions of life they are facing at home and, unable to resolve the issues they are confronted with, they often decide to remove themselves from their homes temporarily. They are often facing conflicts within their families, where affection and familial ties are deteriorating and thus their living conditions, when it comes to accommodation, work, health and education, have gotten precarious.

The dorm has an educational dimension, which is aimed at children and youth who strive towards opportunities and mechanisms that help them develop their capabilities and identities as well as being recognized as autonomous citizens. The dynamics of this program are based on the development of additional interpersonal skills between children and adults, facilitating their interactions with their social environment, which is a first step towards a mutual appreciation.

This accommodation service is being co-managed transparently by both the cohabitants and the teachers. Everyone is in charge of different, individual and collective responsibilities and follows specific rules in order to generate confidence, safety and a sense of belonging. The rules are being decided on together, which allows for an effective organization of this cohabitation by taking into account the opinions and decisions of the cohabitants.

Furthermore, there is a collective cash register called “caja común”, which is an accumulation of the contributions of each cohabitant and allows to cover all collective expenses, such as excursions, health expenditures and other administrative costs.

The dorm is open from 8pm to 8am, which is when the cohabitants leave to go to work as shoe polishers, ticket sellers, car cleaners, candy or post card sellers, street musicians etc.