Qosqo Maki bulletin: “La Chocita”

Our writing, your reading

On June 28th 2019, Qosqo Maki Association achieved one of its goals: presenting The Qosqo Maki Bulletin: “La Chocita”. The presentation of the bulletin took place in Qosqo Maki’s cultural auditorium and the public in attendance (users of the dorms and library, educators, parents, and the general public) were all invited to take a fresh copy of the bulletin home with them. Our distribution was and continues to be free because we want the public to become acquainted with the work of our users.

The publication of this bulletin was made possible thanks to the Peruvian Ministry of Culture’s 2018 Fund for Projects Promoting Reading, Writing, and Book Distribution, of which we were benefactors. In this edition of the bulletin (“Qosqo Maki Bulletin: La Chocita”) – a name chosen by the participants- reading and writing was promoted through a diverse selection of articles based on themes of particular interest to the association users themselves.

During the development of the bulletin we had photography, reporting, and computer digitalization and diagramming workshops. The creative process that went into the creation of the bulletin was entertaining and full of imagination. In all, it included the participation of 27 users of the library (ages 7-20) who wrote and published a total of 18 articles.

We are positive that this material, which was distributed to every user of the Qosqo Maki Association (both participants and non-participants in the project), will encourage reading and writing among our users. Every article expresses a taste, experience, everyday routine, dream or inspiration of each of our participants.

We, as members of the Qosqo Maki community, reaffirm our commitment to continue promoting reading and writing in our community and we would like to reiterate our thanks to the Ministry of Culture without whose help none of this would have been possible.

Neyluz Canahuire Marca

Project Director

We offer you the opportunity to read our bulletin here in order to take full advantage of the creativity of the young people of Qosqo Maki.

Wishing you a pleasant reading !