L’APPEL in Peru with DEPARTS association

L’APPEL visiting its Peruvian partner QOSQO MAKI

L’APPEL’s commitment in Peru is reflected in education support for children and/or teenager in vulnerable situation: life in the slums in Lima and Arequipa, working youth in street situation in Cuzco, young teenage girls victims of sexual exploitation in Mazuko (Madre de Dios province).

The partnership with Qosqo Maki started in September 2003 during a holiday trip in Peru. Its financial support made it possible to develop Qosqo Maki working shops and to ensure that the dormitory kept on working. L’APPEL also sends volunteers for a year or two.

In November 2017, Qosqo Maki was pleased to receive at its premises about ten supporters of L’APPEL who came to discover its actions in Peru, especially Qosqo Maki’s project. Many positive comments about our different programs resulted from their visit. Generally speaking our work for the youth’ rights and good has been noticed, as well as the will for our alternative pedagogy to be recognized as a way to give this youth a future in the Peruvian society (“It is a real social service for these young persons that should be encouraged and supported by local authorities“– Hubert Chegaray, L’APPEL treasurer, in charge of Haiti programs). They also put the emphasis on the work done regarding the training for young people with the support of professionals (“I really enjoyed discovering the carpentry that does quality work from a technical point of view but also regarding the training for young people” – Sonia Panafieu, godmother of Vietnamese students for 10 years).

With regards to solidarity tourism, it is seen as great resources to finance the educational activities of the association (“Solidarity tourism is on-trend and advantageous for both parties: learning more about the country in a different way for the guests and financial benefits for the local action” – Hubert Chegaray). Friendliness in Qosqo Maki was also mentioned a lot during their stay (“I felt like home. If one day I return to Cusco, I will go back to Qosqo Maki” – Sofia Panafieu) as well as the breakfast prepared by the association bakery (“Thanks a lot for the amazing breakfasts produced by the young trainees” – Volunteer and L’APPEL ex-president Madeleine Le Moulec). Thanks to their advice, we are also going to be able to improve our accommodation offer in order to better meet our future visitors’ needs.

In terms of accessibility, the members of L’APPEL appreciate how easy it is to reach the center of Cusco on foot. They recommend getting lost in the small streets of the city and taking time to visit museums in order to learn more about this place full of history. Their stay has also been livened up by the skills and knowledge of Steven Godinec from DEPARTS association, who followed and advised them during their whole trip in Peru (“I want to thank DEPARTS for giving us this opportunity. Should be repeated with any group interested in solidarity tourism with Steven as a guide (Don’t hesitate working with him)!” – Anne Feltz, in charge of Peru programs).

Thanks a lot to all the members of L’APPEL for the time they gave us and for sharing their impressions about Qosqo Maki and their trip to Peru.


Jeanne Maillard-Lizarte



DEPARTS travels in Peru

There are some trips that are different, that make travel lovers discover other places in direct relation with their people and own projects. DEPARTS tours are guaranteed moments of change of scene organized around meeting and solidarity principles. The association’s goal? “Developing exchanges and projects of rural actions through solidarity tourism”.

Since 2003, this slogan is still the same for the founders of the association who also created the ATES (Association for a fair and solidarity tourism) in France. With DEPARTS, we gather some field expertise to its history and its peoples, in direct relation to its local issues. The human being is at the center of our concerns. We link village communities and project holders that we assist in their development ideas to the travelers to whom we always invite to see other places in an original and involved way. For us, travelling is always a mean of expression. It also enables us to raise money which is essential to the development of our actions that we support in each country… One trip, one action, one project supported collectively! In that way, our micro-credits and donations are the most important elements of our solidarity approach.

From November 27th to December 12th, we had the pleasure of guiding a group of 16 persons from the “APPEL” association in Peru, in the footsteps of Peruvian ancient civilizations. From Nazca to Incas cultures, from the Pacific coast to the Andes Mountains, we had the opportunity to visit the most important sites of the South. Meeting different solidarity projects on the way also called our solidarity principles to mind. For more than 50 years, L’APPEL is also an active organization! It has supported Qosqo Maki association for years. Recently, they asked us to provide them a tailored cultural excursion in favor of its Peruvian partner located in the ancient Inca capital city. This how we discovered Lima and its slums, Ica, Nazca and its pre-Columbian cultures all together for 16 days. Colca Canyon has also been an emotional moment, in direct contact with Coporaque inhabitants, closed to one of the deepest canyons of the world. Titicaca Lake on side roads, magical Cusco and Machu Picchu also gave to this trip the feeling of a nearly perfect compromise between change of scenes, discoveries and solidarities. At the end of the trip, nearly 4050 USD have been raised to support the progress of Qosqo Maki that fight for improving the fate of young people in street situation in Cusco. Our main reward was to helpfully travel for this beautiful project.

We want to warmly thank L’APPEL for their trust in our services in Peru. We also wish good luck to Isabel Beaufumé and its Qosqo Maki collaborators for their multiple actions developed in their beautiful project of community education in Cusco.

“An idea is really interesting if it is shared’ – Solidarity is a keyword for us that we like to use within the context of multiple interinstitutional relationships. Wishing you all the best in all your projects.

See you very soon!


Steven Gonidec – DEPARTS PERU Manager