Knowledge recognition and certification

The perseverance and professionalism of Qosqo Maki users and ex-users made us to be witness to an exceptional event: the recognition and certification of the youth as apprentice bakers, bakers, bakery managers and directors. The event took place on Friday, May 19th at 5PM, in the premises of NOVA, company assigned by the Peruvian State to certify the bakery learnings of many young persons who couldn’t access professional training in an accredited center for many reasons, but who were given the opportunity to learn through practice professions such as baker that they develop in a serious and professional way.


That is how in Qosqo Maki bakery training shops, a group of enterprising young people learnt how to do the job and were selected for the practical test that was organizing NOVA and the Regional Directorate of Labor. The result was expected as a validation of the quality of Qosqo Maki bakery training, which has been confirmed as the youth finally received the long-awaited certification that will enable them to find their place in the very competitive high-end bakery area.



To finish, we would like to make a special mention to Isabel Baufumé who, since many years, has been working for these knowledge recognition and certification, and to the team of educators who gave a hand to this group of young persons’ training. Congratulations for the participation of this important event that, without any doubt, motives us to go on working hard for what we believe!


Also, thanks a lot to the “Impulsa Perú” National Program for Promotion of Employment Opportunities, to NOVA, and to the MTPE – Regional Directorate of Labor and Employment Promotion.


We invite you to read this article published in « El Sol Cusco » newspaper (in Spanish) :




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