“Kay Pacha” an environmental awareness board game created by Qosqo Maki


The “Qosqo Maki, an example of solar energy downtown” project was created and developed in 2016. Despite the abundance of solar illumination, the Cusco region is very little focused on solar energy: we can observe some initiatives in rural areas (solar ovens, dryers and stoves) but nearly nothing in the city. Through the realization of this project, Qosqo Maki has been able to install a full solar energy system by photovoltaic panels at its premises and a solar shower in the carpentry shop while raising awareness of renewable energies and environmental protection among the association’s users.


Environmental protection has always been a concern for Qosqo Maki. Indeed, a solar shower was installed in 1994 in the overnight accommodation service. In 2013, following the proposal of the Cusco Provincial Municipality, the association made a bin available to everyone to collect plastic bottles. The project realized last year was the opportunity to continue the previous actions organizing awareness-raising actions in Qosqo Maki: play and educational activities, breakfast organized with the professional in charge of the installation of solar panels and help in its installation, mini solar panel testing, project opening event, etc… Thanks to the support of some project sympathizers, local and foreign expert contributors, the Qosqo Maki team as well as the young users of the association could reinforce their knowledge and adopt more environmentally friendly habits.


The creation of the « Kay Pacha » board game (in Quechua: « this universe ») is part of our objective of promotion of the environment with a young public. Interactive and playful, this game is thought so that everyone can think, question and exchange with other players about environmental protection. The rules of the game are easily adaptable depending on the number of participants, their age and their knowledge. Questions, mimes, positive and negative actions on nature… the players are always actors of the game without being bored!


From now on, Qosqo Maki not only wants to carry out environmental awareness activities at its premises, but also to intervene with others institutions in Cusco that support children and teenagers in vulnerable situations, giving the “Kay Pacha” game and teaching how to use the board game so that each one can then make the most of it and deepen autonomously his understanding of the subject. These interventions will take place from December 2017 and can be extended according to the request of the institutions.


The game is also available for sale for private individuals at 70 soles: an opportunity to give an original and educational gift for year’s end celebrations! In order to give the most respectful game for the environment, the board game is made of cardboard and the whole is given in a canvas bag.


For the interested institutions and private individuals in the « Kay Pacha » game, more information at this email: web.qosqomaki@gmail.com


Thanks a lot to all those who collaborated to the solar energy project and made it a success!


Anaïs Mesnil