Our writing, your reading On June 28th 2019, Qosqo Maki Association achieved one of its goals: presenting The Qosqo Maki Bulletin: “La Chocita”. The presentation of the bulletin took place in Qosqo Maki’s cultural auditorium and the public in attendance (users of the dorms and library, educators, parents, and the […]

Qosqo Maki bulletin: “La Chocita”

On Sunday, February 25th, more than 100 users, ex-users, educators and ex-educators got together for the “II Encuentro de Experiencias y Deportes”. After more than 25 years of existence, it was the opportunity to meet again and bring back memories.   1   As I sat at one of the […]

Discreet entrepreneurs

L’APPEL visiting its Peruvian partner QOSQO MAKI L’APPEL’s commitment in Peru is reflected in education support for children and/or teenager in vulnerable situation: life in the slums in Lima and Arequipa, working youth in street situation in Cuzco, young teenage girls victims of sexual exploitation in Mazuko (Madre de Dios […]

L’APPEL in Peru with DEPARTS association

The perseverance and professionalism of Qosqo Maki users and ex-users made us to be witness to an exceptional event: the recognition and certification of the youth as apprentice bakers, bakers, bakery managers and directors. The event took place on Friday, May 19th at 5PM, in the premises of NOVA, company […]

Knowledge recognition and certification