Tourism of solidarity

What is this program and who is it for?

Qosqo Maki offers different rooms at the association to visitors (individuals or groups) who might want to participate in the educational dynamics and interact with the children and educators. This gives visitors a chance to immerse themselves into our projects while putting emphasis on their solidarity.

What’s the objective?

  • Promoting an exchange between visitors and the children and youth of the association
  • Obtaining funds, which helps Qosqo Maki to continue with its projects

What do we offer ?

  • 1 private bedroom with two double beds and a private bathroom, 5 private rooms for either, 2, 3 or 4 people and 10 dorm beds with a shared bathroom.
  • Hot water, WiFi, computers with internet access, newspapers, a communal kitchen and eating area.

How much does it cost ?

Proposed donations for lodging vary between 20 and 50 soles per person and night (between 5 and 13€ or USD 6 and 15), depending on the type of room, all of which goes directly towards the non profit projects of Qosqo Maki.


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