Training shops

Qosqo Maki disposes of two training enterprises: a bakery and a carpentry, which are both managed by the association Qosqo Maki. Priority for training is given to the users of the Dorm in order to generate job opportunities for their future.

What’s the objective of this program?

  • General objective: Generating future job opportunities through training
  • Specific objective: Promoting dignified work conditions

What is being produced at the carpentry?

All types of furniture, precision-grinded
All types of decor for the house
Educational, recreative and ludic (toy-related) material

What is being produced at the bakery?

French bread and pastries
Sweet pies and cakes
Savory pies


En 2015

21 young people have received training in the two sectors: 15 at the bakery and 6 at the carprentry.

4 young people have been certified as professional bakers and 1 as a professional carpenter.

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Bakery training shop

Carpentry training shop

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