They volunteered in Qosqo Maki:

We had the opportunity to stay a bit more than a month in Qosqo Maki. Arrived by chance in Calle Fierro, we were very well welcomed by Isabel and her staff. More than a staff, we fund there a family! We could quickly help a little in the bakery, to sell and make the service in the shop. The educators and volunteers from the library invited us to participate in their activities’ organization, always in a peaceful and family atmosphere. Qosqo Maki is definitely a magic place where we hope having the chance to come back.

Marion and Esteban, volunteers in the bakery in August 2016   

Having lived the Qosqo Maki experience means remembering the shrewd and inquiring looks of these young people who grew up too quick because of life circumstances. And beyond hurt and tears, getting their smiles back in some shared moments: the football mornings with the victory goal. Improvised walks in the streets of the city. Visiting the bakery and carpentry working shops. Everyday life reflected through the choirs, meals, conversations, games, standards, limits…. Learning process for everyone!

And as a mate said… “I feel lucky to have shared so many things with the people from Cusco. Every day they guide me, both in my personal and professional life."

Mariona Arola i Pou, educator from October 2004 to April 2005 and from June 2008 to January 2009   

Qosqo Maki for me was like the beginning of my professional life. I arrived at the association in September 2015 for 6 months. During these few months, I was an activity organizer and in charge of the library. I also spend much time with the educators and the users of the dormitory, which made me want to start studying social work. We organized many things at the library: from renewable energy awareness to activities about Halloween and Christmas, but also more regular activities such as games in the patio or reading moments. I tried to teach them some things, but I especially learnt from them a lot, and from the team who it was very nice to work with. I recommend everybody who is motivated and likes the youth to try this very rewarding volunteering experience.

Amandine, educator from September 2015 to February 2016   

They enjoyed their stay in Qosqo Maki:

Thanks to Isabel and all her team, Adrián, Coco and Ernesto for the work they realized for the kids: the accommodation, the help in homework at the library and the apprenticeship in bakery and carpentry. Keep it up, we support you from France and will send visitors interested in your project and values.

Bernard Bruel   

We stayed 7 nights and enjoyed the stay. Thanks to all the team.

Mathilde Carette   

Very clean place and nice welcome. Great place to stay and to recommend.

Baptiste Grangère   

Very friendly and attentive team. Always here when you need it and ready to help

Gladwys Robert