Library / Game Library area

What is the library and who is it for?

The library is a place for exchanging, socializing and learning, which is open to everybody from Monday through Saturday, 5pm through 9pm. Every evening, different educational activities are provided, which are both voluntary and free for all.


What is the objective of the library?

The objective is to create different possibilities to socialize, learn and exchange between the children and youth of the neighborhood, the users of the dormitory, adult external contributors, the team of educators of Qosqo Maki as well as various visitors and sympathizers of the project.

What kind of activities are provided?

  • Cultural, athletic and manual activities
  • Monthly games
  • Tutoring and help with homework
  • Computer room with internet access
  • Reading room (newspapers and books are provided)

How does the library work?

System of participation in decision-making:

  • Weekly meeting with the participants
  • Suggestion box for ideas
  • Collaborative maintenance of the place
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