Lessons beyond an event

We tend to superficially see important events: how successful the show was, the public’s satisfaction level, everything is joy and happiness. Beyond these emotions recognizable at first glance, the inauguration event of Qosqo Maki new cultural hall showed us how significant the dormitory users’ work and participation has been beyond the scene.


Shakim, a 14-year-old teen, demonstrated his full potential in the development of a commercial activity: he took responsibility to buy, prepare and sell pop-corn and a purple corn-based drink in anticipation to the inauguration of the cultural hall.


He was suggested to reuse the large paper packagings of caster sugar to make “cucuruchos”, cone to serve the pop-corn. His will didn’t stop there: I sold his pop-corn with a lot of enthusiasm and the clients were appealed by his charism. The sales were very successful and the clients have been given a free extra portion (“yapa” in Quechua language). The young person was very satisfied, concluding that he was able to break through the commercial sector.


The interactions with the public were very natural, which was not that obvious at the beginning, as we are talking about a very shy teenager who didn’t speak that easily. However, this opportunity motivated him to take up the challenge of undertaking a commercial activity. It is all about giving him confidence and feeling of security, stimulating his creativity and discovering a skill to develop.


The dormitory team of educators & Shakim