“Les Baladins” travelling to Cusco!

Can you introduce yourself and explain why you came to Peru, and especially to Cusco?
We are Guillaume and Thomas, two old friends in placement year. Volunteers in an association that does social circus in Cochabamba, Bolivia, we take advantage of school holidays to visit Peru. The region of Cusco being unmissable, it was our first step during the trip that, at the end, lasted three weeks…


How have you heard about Qosqo Maki?
As we know someone working in the association, he indicated us that Qosqo Maki welcomed sympathizers of the project. As we spent a few days there, we had the opportunity to be involved in the association.


What have you thought about your stay in Qosqo Maki?
It was really nice to stay there as a visitor, the place has all the necessary services. Located in the historic center, we were able to appreciate the city and the surroundings, thanks to the great advice of the members of the association. The work done with the youths of the dormitory is really constructive and well-thought, they are invited make live the place by themselves. Moreover, we helped to renovate the library, which is a place where the kids from the neighborhood like to spend time.

Have you led some activities in the library of Qosqo Maki?
Indeed, when we discovered the place and met the youths, we directly thought about organizing a workshop with the kids. The idea was supported by the volunteers of the association as it is enriching for them to have temporary contributors on new activities.

In that way, we were able to organize ah 1 hour and a half circus workshop with the participants of the library based on group games and introduction of jugglery.


Was it hard for you to lead this activity?
No, on the contrary, our offer to set up a jugglery workshop with the youths was welcomed without any problem. We set up a date and managed our activity as we planned. Then, we proposed our ideas to the volunteers who work regularly with the kids and they confirmed the educational interest and the possibility to realize it.

Qosqo Maki already had jugglery material created by former volunteers and kids from the association. We also used our material in order to do well our workshop.


Would you recommend Qosqo Maki in the future?
For sure! The reception was very welcoming, the place is nice to stay, well-kept and close to the city center. A bed in the dormitory is pretty cheap and above all, it is possible to get involved according to your interests. The participative aspect is really enjoyable when you look for another way to travel.

Recommending Qosqo Maki is the continuity of this experience of sharing that we were able to live there. Also it is our way to thank the association for this welcoming and the work they realize with the youths.


Léo Thévenin