Interview of February by Grace: What do you like in the library?

[Each month, a user of Qosqo Maki interviews persons of his choice in order to have their vision of the institution]
This month, Grace, 10, asks Héctor, David, Luigi, Julio, André and Luis about a place they all often go: the library of Qosqo Maki.

Luigi, André, David, Julio and Grace

Grace: What are your names and how old are you?
All: We are Hector (14), David (32), Luigi (12), Julio (13), André (11) and Luis (11).


G: Pourquoi venez-vous à la bibliothèque? Why do you come to the library?
David: I’m a volunteer here and I really enjoy working with the youth to teach them collectivity, autonomy and sharing.

Hector: I like going to the library to learn how to play chess and also to take part of the activities that the educators offer.

André y Julio: We go to play and also to participate in the workshops.

Luigi: With the activities and workshops, we learn a lot of things.


G: What is your favorite book? Why?
David: I really like « The Little Prince »: according to the age you are when read this book, you can have a very different interpretation of it. You can read it when you’re a kid, and read it again when you’re older, and you’ll understand it in another way.

Hector: For me, it is « The 1001 nights ». I’m reading this book now, and it is super great because there are many adventures.

Luis: I started with reading the movies and enjoyed them, so I decided to read the books that belonged to the movies, and they seemed as great as the movies to me.


G: Which game do you prefer? Why?
David: I play chess a lot. It’s a game that requires a lot of strategy and thought.

Hector: Yes, with chess, you have to stay concentrated if you don’t want to lose.

André, Luigi, Luis, Julio: Chess, UNO and Lego are the funniest games of the library!


G: How many friends did you make in the library?
David: I made two friends in the library: Anaïs and Marine.

Hector: I’ve already known many people before going to the library as I sleep in the dormitory, but I met a girl in particular…

André: I made ten friends or so: when we play games, we exchange and meet new people!


G : Which activity or workshop have you prefered until now ?
David: In the library, we built a « Mölkky » and other wooden games. Youth from all ages participated, in that way, we have been able to create many games that we can now use anywhere.

Hector: I loved the pizza workshop: we prepared all the food and it was really tasty!

André: That was cool to build wooden games: we searched on the internet what we could do, and made the games with the educators from the beginning to the end.

Luis: We did a cooking workshop and learnt many new recipes. What I preferred the most were the crepes!

Luigi: We are currently doing macramé bracelets and that’s really nice because we learn many new things and talk all together.


G: What would you like the library to offer in the future?
David: I really wish that one day, the kids organize their own activities and offer it to the adults.

Hector: That would be great to take IT classes again so that I could go on learning how to use the “SketchUp” software (creation of 3D images). Also doing other cooking workshops to learn new recipes.

Luis: Going to the movies!

Julio: Going for a walk and camping!

Luigi: Going to Machu Picchu and participate in the Carnival!

André: Going to the swimming-pool, playing football and traveling around the world!


Grace & Anaïs