Graphic arts workshop: « Cultivating creativity »

The graphic arts workshop results from the project “YO SÍ PUEDO SER ARTISTA”, directed to the children and teenagers in a street situation, users of the Qosqo Maki Dorm.


The workshop started in October 6th 2016, the youths participating regularly from now on. The first theme taken up was drawing, a basic element in arts. The participants then started to follow the artistic path, the most complicated thing for them was to be constant and persistent.


The first step was to arouse their interest for arts, arouse this innate quality to be able to be an artist empirically or studying it. The youths already have these qualities and abilities, but thanks to the workshop, they had the occasion to develop and improve them: firstly practicing drawing, then thanks to the fabrication of marbled paper through the development of Ebru art, to finally end with engraving production on MDF (madeflex), a kind of recycled wood.


One of the aims of this workshop was to learn the advantages linked to today’s art, such as the financial solvency that can enjoy the artist. In this context, the youths participated in the “Santurantikuy”, a market that takes place during Christmas. The results were very positive for the participants who were very motivated. From this experience, they discovered that arts can also be a way of earning money by observing and participating to the commercial movement of graphic arts.


The next step of the workshop will consist in realizing an art exposition in Qosqo Maki in order to show everyone’s work.


Alexander Cayo Vargas Centeno
and the team of educators of the dormitory.