Graphic arts workshop: “Reaping creativity”


We have always thought that the opening of new places and new opportunities for the youth, it is creating moments and spaces for them to develop their aptitudes, expertise and skills. That is why in January 28th, we realized the last step of the graphic arts workshop in Qosqo Maki, workshop that started in October 2016. This last phase consisted in realizing an exhibition of all the works realized by the users of the dormitory during the last months.


It was really pleasant to see how each youth involved in this workshop did his part to reach the goals set up. In order to achieve the production purposes, they had to throw themselves into it during their free and rest time, letting their creativity run wild, expressing their personality and state of mind through their works.


The exhibition started at 10AM, and all day long, many persons came to discover the productions realized by the youth. The formal inauguration of the exhibition took place at 6PM: a video that summed up the different steps of the workshop and the process followed by the participants was played.


It was really gratifying for the youth to see their work exposed, and it was even nicer to see their faces full of satisfaction, above all when a friend, a visitor or when a neighbor from the district was interested in some artworks, even buying them. That is why we commit to go on generating these spaces, and above all, we invite the collectivity to encourage this kind of workshop by its assessment visits, today with the graphic arts one, and in the future with other themes that can interest the users of the dormitory.


This exhibition is the result of four months of work and efforts from the workshop participants. We would like to thank the persons who collaborated in the project, in the financial and material aspects, that made true the realization of this graphic arts workshop.


The team of educators of the dormitory