Census of working children and teenagers in Cusco

Formation of the students before doing the work on the field- Asociación Qosqo Maki

In 1996, Asociación Qosqo Maki realizes the first census of street working children and teenagers in Cusco. The results were published in the book “Trabajando en las calles de mi ciudad” (“Working in the streets of my city”). Today, it is necessary to update this data, as social changes are permanent. That’s why we set up a first phase of data update between August and November 2016.


This first step was concentrated in the districts of Cusco, Wanchaq, Santiago, San Sebastián y San Jerónimo: the main objective was to know more about the population of working youths in those districts. In order to do it well, we had the opportunity to count on the participation of the dormitory users of Qosqo Maki and their precious knowledge of the field, which enabled us to identify the youths’ working times and places. We also benefited from the inestimable help of nearly 100 students from the national University “San Antonio Abad del Cusco”, who went out in the streets at different times night and day, from 4AM to midnight – sometimes until 1AM – in order to count up all these children and teenagers. Various institutions such as « Gerencias de Desarrollo Social » (« Directions de Développement Social »), Demuna’s (Bureaux Municipaux de Défense de l'Enfant et de l'Adolescent) and « Jóvenes Regidores » (Représentants des Conseils Municipaux) from the town councils of Wanchaq, Cusco and Santiago helped us during the whole process, giving us necessary information and maps in order to do well the working field.


We are aware of the efforts done by thousands of children and teenagers who, day and day, through their work in the street, build a new city where everyone is welcome. This project is done with them and for them. January is given for data systematization and during the months to come, we will go on with data analysis.



Danny Olave Valencia.
Supervisor of the Census Projet.