Back to school!

Neither torrential rain, nor hail, or carnival prevented the youth from enjoying their extraordinary holiday!


From Monday to Sunday, we waited until 3PM to open the doors of the library and welcome the kids who arrived running in Qosqo Maki to play, take part of the circus and theatre workshops, manual arts, cooking activities and to start a correspondence with French secondary-school pupils learning how to speak Spanish. Sometimes, we were not even ready to open that Grace, always full of energy, rang the door a few minutes before to help us to prepare everything. This summer, we shared, learnt and lived many experiences together: not only with the kids from the neighborhood, but also with those from the dormitory and the educators.


During a wild afternoon, when board games were not enough, we used the skipping rope and the youth taught me six songs, one per level, with tricks, pirouettes and jumps faster and faster, as a challenge to be able to take it up to the next level. Sometimes, new participants arrived and we taught them specifically the different songs and how to jump. Looking at their smile each afternoon when we were turning the rope and singing filled my soul.


While we were waiting for the arrival of the youth before starting the puppet workshop, we gave to the ones present some strings to do some bracelets of macramé: at first, curious, they came closer one by one, asking for advice, mixing colors, looking at the demonstrations and then we realized that the table was full of young persons doing bracelets, telling stories to each other, laughing and creating new designs.


Some people say that the beginning of a new stage always mean the end of another one, but in that case, things are different: we will go on offering activities all year long from 5PM to 9PM in order to welcome more young persons who, now, are back to school.


The magic of summer isn’t over in Qosqo Maki!



Ysabel Pastor