Back from the mountains of the Sacred Valley of the Incas with some friends

After many meetings, our social trip between two important organizations, Qosqo Maki and Cité d’Or, finally happened! We wanted to give young people of Qosqo Maki a different day: without noise, without bustle, without work, so that they can enjoy our breathtaking landscapes, feeling human warmth and immerse themselves in our history.


A day without compass, without diary, and much time to enjoy: we have been asked to organize a trip with friends, and we finally did it! On the road, we gave some information about the different places we were about to visit and the activities we would do during this special day.


While roosters were crowing, we were visiting Chinchero. The site was only for us, the youth made the most of the extension of the place, running with a sensation of freedom, forgetting reality. We lost a shoe but a prince found it again. Then a craft workshop served us a tasty breakfast and we were then able to go on walking until Piuray Lake, while talking about the past, the present, and the future.



A group of women in traditional costume we waiting for us to present their activities, but what impressed us the most was the plant-based dye. The gods of our Pachamama gave us plants, minerals and roots to color our clothes that looked like the colors of flowers.


A succulent smell from the kitchen whetted our appetite: we had a warm and delicious soup and then a main course based on our quinoa made us want to eat more!


The end of the day was more peaceful. We started to play games and, at the end of the day, we all won.


It was a wonderful experience for all the members of Cité d’Or. Thanks to Qosqo Maki to enable us to share and spend time with these young persons who are you main public as an association. Seeing their smiling faces was excellent for us, and we will always remember it.



Gladys Morales and Luis Ttito Carreño
Associates and guides for the Cité d’Or agency


Thanks to the Cité d’Or agency for the organization of this trip for our youth and Qosqo Maki team.