What are we talking about?

It is about the joint participation of users and educators to work on a better space management in Qosqo Maki.


Co-management :

  • Is an educational strategy that highlights the dorm management between the users and educators in order to reach a pleasant cohabitation in this area.
  • Galvanizes in an educational way the internal organization of the service, admits clearly the rights and obligations of everyone to exercise fully their citizenship.
  • Encourages individual and group participation.
  • Accepts the social development of children and teenagers.


The weekly assembly is the starting point for the realization of a cooperative work. It defines:

  • The repartition and daily execution of housework, the importance to register, the control of contributions to the common pot and the savings of each one, the definition of each area’s use (recreational, sports, study) and the tacit rules applied there.
  • The organization of collective activities: camp, competition, championship, workshops.
  • The management of everyone’s contribution to the common pot to cover collective costs (trips and camps, health care and other administrative procedures…)


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Assembly of the dormitory

Cleaning of the library